Abhain an Tsolais (Population and High Council)

Abhain an Tsolais has grown to be one of the most populous cities in the Silver Marches, nearly rivaling Silverymoon in size, with an incredibly diverse population.

Population: Approximately 25,000 people call Abhain an Tsolais home.

  • Dragonborn: 6%.
  • Dwarf: 14%.
  • Elf: 7%.
  • Halfling: 17%.
  • Human: 24%.
  • Gnome: 4%.
  • Half-Elf: 9%.
  • Half-Orc: 5%.
  • Tiefling: 4%.
  • Orc: 2%.
  • Other: 8%.

The High Council: The High Council is responsible for ruling the town of Abhain an Tsolais, and has done so succesfully for the last century. Three of the positions on the council are hereditary, being filled by the eldest members of each of the three noble families of the dragonborn clan Croi`Tsolais. Two of the positions are promoted into office by their predecessors, Two are elected from among the craft, and merchants guilds, and the rest are elected from among the populace. These elections are always held on the Spring Equinox which falls on 19 Ches.

  • The High Councilor: Rarely actually called by their official title, the High Councilor position is filled by the Clan-Master of clan Croi`Tsolais. The current office holder is Clan-Master Dosashi, who has held the office for nearly fourty years now. He is extremely popular, lauded for his wisdom and ability to remain calm during crises, however the people fear that he may not last much longer due to his advanced age. This has become a cause for concern because he has no successor, having sired no children during his life.
  • The Guardian: This is the second of the hereditary titles held by a member of clan Croi`Tsolais. These dragonborn can trace their lineage to the last Clan-Master of clan Sciath`Daioin. and are particularly dedicated to the dragon god Bahamut. The current office holder is Guardian Balgrax, a warrior in his youth, who as he has grown older has turned to scholarly pursuits. He is well regarded by the people, and many whisper that he may be the next Clan-Master, passing the title of Guardian to one of his sons.
  • The High Priestess: The third and final inherited title, this position is held by the high priest or priestess of the dragon gods, who is the eldest of the line descended from the Clan-Master of clan Tus`Trocaire. The current office holder is High Priestess Mirith, a pious cleric of Bahamut. Many of the non-dragonborn populace are uncertain what to make of her, as she speaks for gods they do not follow. Mirith is the youngest dragonborn to hold this office since the founding of the town, and has only recently ascended due to the death of her predecessor in a recent battle with goblinoids.
  • Captain of the Guard: The Captain of the Guard earns their post by ascending through the ranks of the town guard, and is usually chosen by their predecessor when he or she steps down. On the rare occasion a Captain of the Guard dies without naming a successor the council then holds a vote to choose the next Captain from among the current Lieutenants. The current Captain of the Guard is a middle-aged human named Aragoth Fullic, he has held the title for twelve years now, taking over from his predecessor who was suffering from a wasting illness, and is well regarded by the populace. He is known to be pragmatic, and cunning, under his guidance the guard has successfully reduced crime throughout the city.
  • Harbor Master: Like the Captain of the Guard, the Harbor Master earns his rank, usually being chosen by his predecessor. The current Harbor Master is a half-elf named Daloth Kent, an experienced, no-nonsense sort who has a deep disdain for smugglers and criminals. Kent like his predecessor before him is popular with the townsfolk, but not overly liked by the visiting sailors.
  • Craft-Master: The Craft-Master is a pseudo-elected position, every four years the heads of the craft guilds within the town (the Smiths, Weavers, Shipwrights, Glaziers, Tinkers, and Stonemasons) elect one from among their number to represent the interests of the guilds on the council. The current office-holder is the dwarf mastersmith Neila Ironbreaker, who is currently in her second term of office.
  • Master-Merchant: Much like the Craft-Master, the Master-Merchant is elected from among the merchant’s guild to represent their interests, the two offices often work together for their mutual benefit. The current officeholder is the dwarven merchant Torval McRuff, who has held the office for four consecutive terms now, and is believed that he will most likely hold the office until he chooses to no longer participate in politics.
  • Representative of the North: The Representative of the North speaks for the interests of the populace of the Northern half of the city where the wealthy and powerful reside. He gains office in a general election held every two years, in which all of the people are allowed a vote. Anyone may put their hat in the ring, but generally only those wealthy and influential enough to sway the voters actually win. The current officeholder is Varis Ashod, a highly respected tiefling businessman who has held the office for almost twenty years now.
  • Representative of the South: Like the Representative of the North this office is gained in a general election held every two years. The Representative speaks for the interests of the southern half of the city, which is populated primarily by the middle-class and the poor. This office usually amounts to little more than a popularity contest, and is poorly regarded by the other council members. The current officeholder, is the owner and proprietor of the Night’s Song Inn, and the human half-brother to the Harbor Master, Baric Kent. Kent has accompllished little in his time in office, and is not expected to continue holding the office past the next election.

Abhain an Tsolais (Population and High Council)

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