Abhain an Tsolais (Criminals)

Abhain an Tsolais has grown large and succesful, having gained prominence in the region, and becoming a hub for trade. There is however a price to success, with trade comes the blackmarket, with government comes graft, with influence comes crime. A criminal element is inevitable in any community, and Abhain an Tsolais is no exception.

Smugglers: The smugglers have banded together against all comers, guardsmen and thieve’s guild alike, and are responsible for the vast majority of crime along the docks. These scum specialize in the transportation and sale of illicit goods of all kinds.

  • The smugglers are lead by an unusually charismatic and well spoken orc named Kulroth. A dashing rogue who carries himself with a quiet confidence, Kulroth is well liked by his underlings. He is known to have a taste for fine wine, beautiful women, and the arts, and seems oddly well educated. It is rumored that he used to be a bloody corsair, captain of a pirate ship and blockade runner, along the Sword Coast. Underneath his rogueish exterior Kulroth is ruthlessly devoted to the success of his endeavors, willing to do whatever it takes to further his ends. He stands six feet, six inches tall, has a powerful frame corded with muscle, wears his thick black hair in an elaborate topknot, has dark green skin, and intelligent black eyes.
  • At Kulroth’s right hand is the veiled threat that is his most trusted lieutenant, the half-drow assassin Sidonya Mir`Toth. Rumored to have been rescued from slavers by Kulroth during his days as a pirate, Sidonya is ruthlessly loyal to the orc she still refers to as captain. Sidonya rarely speaks, and when she does it is never above a whisper, but quite often she allows her actions to speak for her. She is feared by many, but for those few who come to know her better she is almost fey in her attitude and actions, shifting from joyous abandon to cold rage in an instant. Sidonya stands five feet tall, with long white hair, charcoal grey skin, and dark orange eyes that burn like smoldering coals.
  • Kulroth’s left hand is a master blockade runner, and daring thrill-seeker. An aquatic elf named Lierandis Sevas, who prefers to live life to the fullest, accepting every challenge, and daring what no other would. It is said that Lierandis was part of Kulroth’s crew in his days as a corsair, though neither of them speak of that time. Lierandis is a robust figure, standing two inches short of six feet, with a lanky frame, and long, webbed digits. His skin is blue with white stripes running down his back and sides, and a large white patch covering his torso, he has gills at his throat and along his ribs, thick, stringy blue-green hair, and sparkling silver eyes. He often wears little more than a ragged pair of pants seemingly woven from a light green seaweed, and a silver choker decorated at the center with a sparkling saphire, it is believed the choker provides the magic that allows him to survive on land.

Thieve’s Guild: The thieve’s guild runs most of the illicit activities outside of the docks district, tolerating no competition from independent operators. If an outsider is caught operating in the guild’s territory they are given two choices, join the guild, or leave. Those who refuse usually don’t last long.

  • The current leader of the guild is a dwarf named Daggit Ironbreaker, the estranged brother of the master-smith and High Council member Neila Ironbreaker. Daggit is a gruff, businesslike fellow of great cunning when he is able to hold his temper. He is regarded with awe by his underlings for his ability to always stay one step ahead of the guard, never leaving enough evidence for them to act on. He stands four feet, eight inches tall, has heavy, craggy features as if he grew from the rock itself, with thick greasy hair and a long, ropy black beard that has streaks of grey running through it, and one piercing blue eye, the other having long ago filmed over with thick cataracts. He enjoys the finer things in life, but has poor manners and his silks are often stained.
  • Tharic Aradys is the soft voice of reason in Daggit’s ear, calming the dwarf when his rage overcomes him. Tharic is Daggit’s chief lieutenant, responsible for the more traditional criminals within the town. Thieves, cutpurses, burglars, muggers, fences, and other such scum answer to the soft spoken wood elf. He is said to be the most skilled thief in all the Silver Marches, and his exploits speak for themselves. Tharic stands a mere five feet, seven inches tall, with long wavy hair the color of mahogany, and eyes like placid pools of emerald. He has quick, agile hands, and often walks with a spring in his step. His relationship with Daggit has grown somewhat strained as of late since the dwarf learned that Tharic had taken the half-drow Sidonya as a lover.
  • Daggit’s second lieutenant is an extroardinary scam artist and master of disguise, never appearing the same twice, often even Daggit dosn’t recognize his underling. Believed to be a human, though there is some uncertainty, this individual is known as the Silken Mask, and is in charge the more subtle criminal arts. Scam artists, con men, corrupt beurocrats, and the various criminals that prey on high society answer to this mysterious figure. The Silken Mask never appears the same way twice, and no one knows his, or her, true face.
  • The third of Daggit’s lieutenants is a tiefling named Azhul, who along with his sister, and partner, Magdalyn, runs the rest of Daggit’s operations. Responsible for illegal gambling houses, pit fights, loan sharks, protection rackets, and other street level crime the twins are extremely effective at what they do. Azhul fancies himself something of a dandy, and specializes in the more sophisticated crimes, running most of the gambling houses, illegal races, and loan sharks. His sister is a cold-hearted and vicious creature, enjoying violence for the sake of violence, she runs the protection rackets, pit fights, and other forms of violent crime. Both siblings stand five feet, ten inches tall with dark purple skin, black hair, and curved, goat-like horns sprouting from their foreheads. The biggest difference between the two is their eyes, Azhul’s are a soft, expressive grey, whil Magdalyn’s are dark reddish-brown the color of dried blood.

Independent Criminals: Though it is dangerous to do so, there are some criminals who operate outside the auspices of the smugglers, or the thieve’s guild.

  • The most successful of the independent criminals is a fellow sometimes known as the king of beggars. A jovial halfling named Kevi Underfoot has made himself indispensible by trading in the one product absolutely everyone needs, information. It is rumored that nearly every beggar, and halfling in town serves as an informant for Kevi, but no one has been able to prove this. Kevi himself never seems to leave his favorite table at the Night’s Song Inn, and yet somehow he knows nearly everything that happens in the town. He has maintained his positiong through a careful balancing act, making certain he is always needed, and that his neutrality is never breached. It is well known that he will sell his information to any willing to pay the price,. Kevi himself is a friendly little fellow, approximately two and a half feet tall, with a round belly, chubby cheeks, a ready smile, and innocent blue eyes under a mop of curly golden brown hair.
  • Ernest Brewbaker is the most trusted fence in town, willing to trade in any product brought to him. His prices are always fair, and he always seems to know what the market value of a product currently is.
  • There was a recent influx of were-rats in the town, in service of a doppleganger called The Shifter, most of them were hunted down and slain by a combined effort of the thieve’s guild, and the smugglers, but some few managed to hide away in the deepest tunnels of the sewers where they found a new master. They have tentatively begun to form an organization of their own under this mysterious master who they identify only as Madame Snaketongue.

Abhain an Tsolais (Criminals)

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