Dragonborn in Faerun (A History)

No one really knows exactly when the dragonborn first came to exist on Toril, or when they may have first been brought to the continent of Faerun. What is known is that they were a slave race, subservient to the true dragons, until they rebelled six centuries ago. After freeing themselves the twelve great dragonborn clans united, marching to the Great Sea off the coast of south-eastern Faerun. There they built themselves a fleet of mighty ships and set sail. Guided by a sense of destiny they sailed for months before finding a large chain of islands inhabited only by mindless beasts and savage monsters. Claiming this land for themselves and naming it Tymanther, the dragonborn carved out a nation for themselves.

Mostly isolated from the rest of Faerun, the dragonborn generally kept to themselves, though enough left that they were not forgotten by the people of Faerun. So it was that they maintained occasional trade with the coastal nations, as well as establishing trade with Zakhara to the east. Dedicated to freedom as only a race of former slaves could be the dragonborn nation of Tymanther had few restrictions on its peoples way of life. There was only one great taboo, do not worship the dragon gods, for the dragonborn had not forgotten their slavery, and hated dragons above all other things. Two and a half centuries ago the anti-dragon movement gained sufficient power to outlaw the worship of the dragon gods altogether. Three of the twelve great clans refused to accept this restriction, unwilling to abandon their faith. So it was that they went into exile, leaving for the mainland where they faded into obscurity. Imagining that they must have suffered a most horrible fate, these clans are now spoken of in hushed whispers, and used as a cautionary tale to unruly children.

In the modern age Tymanther has become a booming and prosperous nation, its peoples dedication to perfection in all they do serving them well. Dragonborn craftsman, traders, and soldiers have become highly sought after throughout the continent, especially with their access to the exotic goods of Zakhara. Although they are famed for the quality of their goods, and the skill of their soldiers, they are perhaps best known for their dragonslayers who have an almost fanatical devotion to their craft. Tymanther has few enemies, but they name the Cult of the Dragon as their most hated foe. The nine remaining clans rule justly and with temperance, excepting their unbending bigotry for all things draconic. Small groups of dragonborn occasionally leave to establish communities of their own on the mainland, but most remain in what has become a thriving nation.


There are nine great clans remaining in the nation of Tymanther, each led by a Clan-Master, who is the eldest and (presumedly) wisest member of his or her clan. The position of Clan-Master is not hereditary, but is a function of age. Together the Clan-Masters form a council which rules over the entirety of the nation, most of the time however each clan remains a body unto itself, breaking the nation up into a collection of city-states. The military answers to the council as a whole, and is primarily a volunteer organization formed from the defenders of each individual clan. Each of the clans rules their territory as they see fit so long as they obey the decrees of the council which meets every six months to discuss new business.


  • Claiome`Briste: the most powerful of the nine clans, with the largest territory.
  • Scath`Airgid: The wealthiest of the clans, specializing in the ocean trade.
  • Toirnach`Casur: A clan of master craftsman, producing goods to rival any found on the mainland.
  • Rughad`Fola: A small, but vital clan, dedicated to the arts of war.
  • Desitheoiri`Cre: Caretakers of the land, dedicated to preserving the balance between civilzation and nature.
  • Tairiscinti`Teallaigh: Farmers, and hunters, this clan provides the majority of the food for the nation.
  • Amhran`Oiche: Dedicated to the arts, this clan creates works of great beauty.
  • Draiocht`Dubh: Dark and mysterious, this clan is known for its practitioners of the arcane.
  • Dragun`Maraigh: Fanatics dedicated entirely to the slaying of dragons.

Dragonborn in Faerun (A History)

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