Abhain an Tsolais (Town Guard)

The town guard of Abhain an Tsolais has the dual responsibility of protecting the town from external threats, and dealing with crime within the city. They have earned a reputation for excellence over the last century since they were first established, and are highly regarded by many of the neighboring communities, particularly Clan Battlehammer of Mithril Hall, and the orcs of the kingdom of Many-Arrows. The guard is headed by it’s captain, who has traditionally been served by two lieutenants. The current captain has altered that tradition however, dividing the town up into four quadrants, and asigmed a lieutenant to each, which allows him to delegate more and focus on more vital tasks.

  • The current Captain of the Guard is Aragoth Fullic, a middle-aged human warrior with a keen mind, and an unconventional approach to his job. Aragoth first arrived in town as a weary young mercenary roughly twenty years ago, he took a job with the town guard expecting to stay for a few weeks until he made enough coin to move on to more lucrative work. His plans changed however when he met Corporal Kethra Helder, a fiery copper-haired warrior woman who captured his heart. The two had a passionate romance and wed only weeks after meeting. They had two children together, their son Aragin, and their daughter Mara. Unfortonately Kethra died giving birth to their daughter, leaving Aragoth to raise his two children alone. He lavished affection on his son, but though he loved her, he had difficulty dealing with his daughter who grew to resemble his dead wife more closely with every passing day. So it is that he threw himself into his duties as guard, allowing both his children to be cared for by his wife’s sister Kendra. He soon achieved the rank of lieutenant under the old Captain of Guard, a wily, tough old man named William “Rowdy” Rice. Rice began suffering from a wasting illness and chose to retire, naming Aragoth as his successor.

As his children grew, they both became interested in entering the guard. Aragoth encouraged his son, but when it came time for Mara to join he was against it. This caused a great deal of tension between the two, as he nearly forbade her from entering the guard altogether, and used his position as Captain to make her entry as difficult as possible, she persevered however and managed to join anyway. She has since become a corporal serving on the docks. Her brother meanwhile was promoted quickly, and became a lieutenant under his father. Sadly he was assassinated recently by an enemy of the town, and his death has further strained the relationship between Aragoth and Mara. Since the death of his son Aragoth has buried his grief by throwing himself into his work as Captain, a task that has grown easier with the increasing threat to the town. In private Aragoth is a wreck however, barely able to keep himself together, and he is considering retiring once the current crisis has ended.

  • Croi`Tsolais Savull is the lieutenant in charge of the western quadrant of town, primarily overseeing the docks. He is gruff, and intemperate, with a penchant for morbid humor. He is extremely effective at his job however, showing the criminals he catches no mercy. He is directly responsible for promoting Aragoth’s daughter Mara to corporal, and fears he may have angered Aragoth by doing so. He is a powerful warrior, who wields an axe and shield with consummate skill.
  • Lieutenant Vivian Ulmokina is a clever, silver-tongued rashemani woman who oversees the northern quadrant of town. Chosen by Aragoth both for her skill, and her silver tongued diplomacy, she excells at dealing with the wealthy, and noble families that fall within her jurisdiction. She is known to blend her fighting skills with a touch of magic, and has great skill at wielding twin wickedly hooked shortswords. She is tall, standing at six feet and one inch, with dark, chocolate brown skin, silky black hair, and startling violet eyes. She has been courted by many, but won by none.
  • The lieutenant overseeing the Eastern sector oversees the Grand Market. Aragoth has entrusted this responsibility to a half-drow named Aseir Pashar who originally hails from Calimshan. He has great skill at dealing with crowded markets and clever pickpockets having served as the bodyguard to a pasha until he was wrongfully implicated in a plot against his master. He serves the town faithfully, knowing that this may well be his last chance to find redemption. He stands at five feet, eight inches, has long silvery-white hair, dusky skin, and amber eyes with flecks of red. He is known to be a skilled archer, able to hit a moving target from the back of a galloping horse. Aseir is still trying to prove himself, having only just been promoted after the death of Aragoth’s son. He knows that even the slightest mistake will draw Aragoth’s ire, and has been cautious because of this.
  • Aragoth knew that the lieutenant in charge of the south quadrant had to be tough and incorruptible. Keeping that in mind he chose an orc named Dorn Tallstag, who had proven himself many times over. Aragoth and Dorn were old friends, and he knew he could count on the orc no matter what happened. Dorn is a tough, but friendly fellow who enjoys a drink or three. He has a ready, if crude sense of humor, and is quick to accept others. He’s surprizingly clever however, and many a criminal has underestimated his cunning to their loss. He stands six feet, eight inches tall, has thick, ropy black hair, menacing black eyes in a perpetual squint, and pale olive green skin. He is thickly muscled, and covered with scars, but carries himself confidently. He prefers to fight with his fists, having something of a reputation as a brawler, though he has been known to pick up whatever may be laying nearby to smash a particularly thick skull from time to time.

Abhain an Tsolais (Town Guard)

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