Abhain an Tsolais (The Dragonborn Clan)

Clan Croi`Tsolais founded the town of Abhain an Tsolais over one hundred and fifty years ago, since that time they have remained dedicated to the worship of the dragon gods, and the greater good of their community. The clan has a tradition that each generation, one young warrior is chosen from among the clan to serve as a paladin to Bahamut. Each paladin is to be trained by their predecessor. Unfortonately the current paladin’s predecessor dissapeared twenty years ago while on a quest, and was presumed dead. Recent evidence suggests that he not only still lives, but has become an oathbreaker, dedicating himself to Tiamat. How such a thing came to pass is as yet unknown.

Nobility: There are three noble families within clan Croi`Tsolais, descended from the Clan-Masters of the original three clans that were exiled from the dragonborn kingdom of Tymanther centuries ago.

  • Clan-Master: The Clan-Masters of clan Croi`Tsolais can trace their lineage back to the last Clan-Master of clan Scalai`Cothromaict, they have led the clan wisely and fairly for almost two centuries. Dosashi, the current Clan-Master, is the last of his line. having sired no children. He is wise, and clever with a dry wit that catches many off their guard. He is well loved by the people of Abhain an Tsolais, and has led them through many a crisis since his ascendance to the position over fourty years ago. He is now eighty-seven years old, and most believe he will not live to see ninety. Despite his age Clan-Master Dosashi still stands tall and straight, though he has grown thin to the point of emaciation, his scales which were once a vibrant red have now dulled to a dusty reddish brown. Clan-Master Dosashi does not speak often, but when he does all heed his words. He has great courage, willing to face death for the good of his people.
  • The Guardian: Descended from the last Clan-Master of clan Sciath`Daioin, the Guardian is responsible for the safety of his clan, and the protection of the clan’s most prized artifact. A massive blade, heavily enchanted, that was used by the ancestors of the dragonborn to slay dragons who would not free their slaves. The current Guardian, Balgrax, was known as a skilled warrior in his youth, but has mellowed as he grew older. He is now a renowned scholar, well read and with a keen mind. He is softspoken, but not afraid to speak his mind when it matters most. He is currently sixty-four years old, and many believe he will be the next Clan-Master when Dosashi passes. Balgrax stands nearly seven feet tall, although his shoulders have stooped a bit with age, and is still powerfully muscled under his robes. His scales, which were once a shining gold, have seen the luster fade from them somewhat over the years. He has an intelligent, expressive face, and a quick wit.

Balgrax has two sons, the eldest is named Savull, and is thirty-two years old. Savull is a somewhat gruff, ill-tempered sort with a grim sense of humor. He stands tall at six feet, ten inches, with shining silver scales that darken to grey at the edges. He has ascended to the rank of Lieutenant in the town guard, and is a deadly warrior who favors axe and shield. His younger brother Kuyutha, who is twenty years old, serves the clan and gods as paladin of Bahamut. Towering over most of the clan at seven feet tall this pious warrior has shining golden scales, and wields a greatsword with growing skill.

  • High Priestess: The line of the High Priests can be traced back to the last Clan-Master of clan Tus`Trocaire, and has served the dragon gods since that time. The current High Priestess, Mirith, has only just ascended to her position. At the age of fourty-one she is the youngest dragonborn to hold the title since the founding of the clan, and she fears she is not ready. She shows a nervous disposition, but underneath it hides a will of steel. Outspoken and defiant as a youth, she has mellowed somewhat, but still has a fiery streak. She is athletic, and well built, standing at a height of six feet, four inches. Her scales are purest white, and her eyes flash with violet fire.

Mirith has two children, her son, at the age of twenty, has rejected his heritage and chosen to become a hunter rather than join the priesthood. He has mottled green and brown scales, and stands little taller than his mother. Reclusive, and disdainful, he answers to the name of Kasul. Mirith’s other child is a daughter of seventeen years named Moirah. Pious and devoted to the gods, it is believed that she intends to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Moirah is kind, and gentle-hearted, caring for all she sees. She is still somewhat smaller than her mother at six foot two, and is slightly willowy. Her scales are a shocking violet, fading to black at the edges, and her eyes are shimmering pools of azure.

  • The Clergy of the Dragon Gods: Many of the clan are faithful to the dragon gods, particularly Bahamut, and as such there is a large priesthood to administer to their needs.

Asira, priestess of Bahamut, is the mother of the current paladin, Kuyutha. and often serves as the public face of the clergy now that Mirith is busied with her duties as High Priestess. She is a quietly devout woman who has dedicated her life to the teachings of her god. She is fifty-three, and her scales are a rich dark brown.

Yorbor is a young priest of Bahamut, and can often be seen teaching the acolytes and administering to the orphan children within the temples care. He is twenty-four, and has blue-gray scales with mottled brown patches.

Persus is the head priest of the goddess Tamara, and oversees the temples hospice. He is thirty-eight years old and has dusty brown scales.

Bahsul is the head priest of the god Lendys, and is dedicated to the cause of justice. He is fourty-one and has dull bronze scales.

The head priestess of the goddess Hlal serves as the templars chronicler and teller of tales, and is named Verlain. She is thirty-two and has vibrant blue scales.

Garyx, the dragon god of destruction, fire, and renewal, is represented not by a dragonborn, but by a strange little halfling. This odd fellow is often seen muttering to himself as he stares into the everburning flame of his god’s shrine. He answers to Soot, but does not often choose to speak. He is regarded as an oddity by the rest of the clergy, but is accepted so long as he does no harm.

The head priest of Chronepsis, a silent dragonborn named Krosis, oversees the temples funerary rites and tends to the dead. He is believed to be sixty years old, and has shimmering black scales.

An ancient dragonborn named Garyx is the only priest to Io within the temple, he has been a fixture at the temple longer than any living dragonborn can remember. No one knows for certain how old he is, only that he is withered with age, and his scales have taken on a uniform dusty grey color.

The other dragon gods, though respected, currently have no clergy to represent them, their shrines are ministered to by the temple’s acolytes. There are currently twenty-seven additional priests and priestesses, and over fourty acolytes in attendance at the temple.

  • Other Prominent Clan Members: In addition to the nobility, and clergy, there are a number of other clan members who have claimed prominence within their community.

Harken is the master of the shipwright’s guild, and a master at his craft. He is known to have a quirky, almost prankish, sense of humor, and has copperish-brown scales.

Gilain is an excellent smith, and many of the clan come to her when they need work done. She is strong and stoic with rusty reddish scales.

Wierth is a master chef who runs one of the most succesful restaurants in the docks districts. He is friendly, and easy—going and has soft-looking dove grey scales.

Flemeth is a no-nonsense sort with a quick temper, and rose colored scales. She runs one of the largest farms in the region, providing a large portion of the town’s food supply.

Abhain an Tsolais (The Dragonborn Clan)

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