Abhain an Tsolais (Craftsmen and Guild Leaders)

Abhain an Tsolais owes it’s success to trade, and wise leadership, however it also has a growing tradition of craftsmen with a number of increasingly influential craft guilds gaining prominence. These artisans have increased the influence of the town greatly in the last few decades as they give it a growing reputation for excellence.

The Guilds: There are a number of craft guilds in the town of Abhain an Tsolais who have increasingly begun to influence the trade that passes through town, as well as effecting policy through their representative on the High Council.

  • The oldest, largest, and most influential of the craft guilds in town is the Smith’s Guild. Currently headed by the dwarven master-smith Neila Ironbreaker who is also the Craft-Master who represents the interests of all the craft guilds on the High Council. She is a hardworking sort, dedicated to the perfection of her craft, with little time for nonsense. It is widely known that she is the finest smith in town, and can make anything you might need, but that she refuses to make weapons or any other instruments of war. Known to be a pacifist in nature she still has the gruff, almost fatalistic demeanor that most shield dwarves effect in public. It is known that she and her estranged brother, Daggit, left Mithril Hall a few years before the war with Obould Many-Arrows. She stands just under five feet tall, has broad, powerful shoulders, neatly cut ear-length red hair, and harsh grey eyes. She detests violence, claiming to have seen too much of it in her life-time.

In addition to the Master-Smith there are two other members of the Smith’s Guild that have gained a reputation for excellence within the town of Abhain an Tsolais. One is a young dragonborn woman from clan Croi`Tsolais named Gillian, to whom many of her clan members take their business. The other is Elarith Silverleaf, the brother of Larien who owns the Balanced Scales, a fine inn on the north side of town. Elarith’s smithy is directly next door to his sister’s inn, and she often directs business to him. He is known for making high quality weapons and armor, particularly blades of all types. He is handsome, bearing a strong resemblance to his sister, but heavily scarred across his chest and shoulders.

  • The Weaver’s Guild has only recently been recognized as having guild status, and as such have less influence than some of their peers. Their guildmaster, a driven man, aims to change that. Harris Thatch has been guildmaster of the Weaver’s Guild since their inception thirty years ago, and has served the guild well in that time. He is an ambitious man who is both respected and feared by his underlings within the guild. He has an ascerbic wit that he readily turns on any flaw, real or perceived, in his underlings or their work. If not for his administrative brilliance, and his genius at improving his craft he would most likely have been ousted from his position years before. Now in his late fifties he walks with a slight limp, compensating with a finely crafted cane of polished ebony, stands two inches over six feet, is gaunt, with a long narrow face and high cheekbones, thin mousey brown hair, and piercing black eyes.
  • The Shipwright’s Guild is nearly as old and influential as the Smith’s Guild, and has been responsible for the building of a number of merchant vessels representing the town along the rivers. The current head of the Shipwright’s Guild is a jolly dragonborn prankster named Harken. It is not known if he is a member of clan Croi`Tsolais, but most assume so. Despite his over the top, comedic behavior he actually does an excellent job of administering his guild and is well liked by his underlings. It is widely known that he will never be voted in as Craft-Master to sit on the High Council because most of the other guild leaders feel that the dragonborn already have too much influence on the council. Harken understands this, but sometimes expresses regret, claiming that the High Council could use someone to lighten the mood. He is somewhat on the small side for a dragonborn, standing only six feet, three inches tall, and is somewhat slender, albeit athletic, with copperish-brown scales and expressive green eyes.
  • The Glassmaker’s Guild is the most recent to gain guild status, but has already gained a great deal of influence. This is in part due to the backing of the wealthy businessman, and High Council member, Varis Ashod, but also due to the ruthless cunning of their ever smiling guildmistress. Known as “the Razor” behind her back, Lavinia Greenbottle is a halfling of uncommon character. With a wide, cheerful smile that never leaves her face she seems jovial and friendly, but she has a rapier wit. With just a few words she can cut an opponent to the quick, or gain the advantage in a business deal, all without ever losing her grin. Lavinia came to prominence within her guild through a combination of ambition, a keen intellect, and the ability to make her opponents underestimate her. She stands at two feet, eight inches high, has long, curly black hair, sparkling hazel eyes that can turn as hard as diamonds in an instand, and rosy cheeks.
  • The Tinker’s Guild was given guild status, less because the other guilds believed they deserved it, and more for the general safety of the public. So long as they hold guild status they are held to guild standards and safety guildelines, although this doesn’t seem to slow the guildmaster down much. Saully “Dinglehop” Vixic is the patriarch of a local clan of rock gnomes, who make up the majority of his guild. He is absent-minded, spontaneous, and many believe him to be at least slightly insane. None can deny that his inventions, the ones that work anyway, are inspired. Many fear the possibility that his inspiration may one day blow the town sky high however. Saully is perpetually distracted, except when one of his inventions fail, during which time he is nearly unapproachable in his rage. Otherwise he is a likeable, if eccentric, little fellow. He stands three feet, seven inches tall, has wild white hair, no eyebrows to speak of, a patchy, poorly groomed white beard, and unfocused brown eyes.
  • The Stonemason’s are second only to the Smith’s in longevity and influence. They have a long tradition of excellence, but also effect an air of mystery, as if their craft is mystical in nature. In truth this attitude grew out of a desire to protect their secrets so that no upstarts would undercut them. The current Head Mason is a large human named Jack Broadhand, a grimly silent man who speaks only when he absolutely has to, mostly communicating through gestures and grunts. He is known to be extremely skilled at his craft, and has held his position for over twenty years. He stands six and a half feet tall, has massive, boulder-like shoulders, broad powerful hands, slate grey eyes, and shaves both face and head clean of hair.

Independent Craftsmen: Their are a number of craftsmen and women within the town who work independently of the guilds, or whose craft has not yet achieved guild status.

  • The half-orc brewer Vurlgen Hammerfist has been seeking guild status for his brewery for over a decade without success, he has recently entered into a partnership with a halfling vintner, Darcy Fleetfoot, in hopes of gaining more legitimacy in the eyes of the guilds.
  • There are a number of local leather-workers and tanners who have formed an unofficial coalition under the leadership of a half-elf named Quentis Oakshadow.
  • A pair of jewelers have gained fame for the quality of their craft, running a small shop in the docks district. The sun elf Illien Lightbow, and his gold dwarf partner Shaundra Shimmerstone, enjoy their success quietly. It is rumored the pair may be lovers, but few give credence to such a thing.
  • Found near the Great East Gate, a wainwright and carpenter does brisk business during the trade season. This handsome, but softspoken wood elf, has provided furnishings to some of the wealthiest people in town. When pressed he introduces himself as Thuryen Celedwyr, but says little more, preferring to allow his work to speak for itself.

Abhain an Tsolais (Craftsmen and Guild Leaders)

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