Abhain an Tsolais

Six centuries ago the dragonborn broke their chains of servitude, claiming their freedom. Marching across Faerun, braving the Great Sea, they found a home on an archipelago they named Tymanther. In this paradise of freedom and equality their was one thing forbidden above all others. Do not worship the dragon gods. Like most taboos, this one was broken, not out of maliciousness, but in the name of faith. Three of the twelve great clans refused to turn their backs on the gods that had guided them for so long. Each payed homage to all the dragon gods, except Tiamat, but each also claimed a single god as their special patron. First was clan , Sciath`Daioin dedicated to Bahamut, second was clan Scalai`Cothromaict, believing in the justice of Lendrys, finally their was Tus`Trocaire bringers of Tamara’s mercy.

The other clans tolerated their brethrens worship for centuries, but two hundred fifty years ago there came a great upheaval within dragonborn culture, amidst an anti-dragon movement the taboo against the worship of the dragon gods grew until in a council of the Clan-Masters of all the great clans the taboo became law. No longer was it merely frowned upon to pray to the dragon gods, it had become an offense punishable by death. Unwilling to cease their worship the three faithful clans chose instead to leave their homeland, setting sail for Faerun. The three clans wandered the continent seeking a new home, and often finding only hostility or worse. After decades of travel the clans found their way to Thay, where they were nearly enslaved by the Red Wizards, escaping at the cost of many lives. With their numbers dwindling the three Clan-Masters agreed that they should become a single united clan. Thus clan Croi`Tsolais was born, as three great clans became one. The clan master of Scalai`Cothromaict being the eldest became the new Clan-Master. The Clan-Master of Sciath`Daioin, leading the largest of the remaining clans, became the leader of the new clans guardians. Finally the Clan-Master of Tus`Trocaire became the spiritual guide to the newborn clan. It was decided that these positions would become hereditary making each of these dragonborn the first in a line of nobles that would lead the clan to its new home.

Nearly a century after their forebears had left the nation of Tymanther the dwindling remnants of clan Croi`Tsolais made their way to the savage and untamed region of the Silver Marches. At the juncture of the two great rivers, the Rauvin and the Surbrin, they found the washed out remnants of an abandoned town. Weary of their long travels they named this place Abhain an Tsolais and claimed it as their own.

Building a Home:
New to the region, the dragonborn of clan Croi`Tsolais were ill-prepared for the hardships of their first year in their newfound home. Weathering orc attacks, raids by Uthgardt barbarians, and a harsh winter, the clan refused to surrender. Even when the spring rains came and the rivers flooded, washing away what structures the clan had managed to build, they refused to give up. Gathering together they decided upon a plan, they would weather the hardships, and they would build, not temporary structures, but a town meant to withstand the passing of ages. Having faith in the beneficience of their gods the dragonborn began to quarry stone from the nearby mountains. First they built a great stone wall surrounding the town on all sides, as tall as three dragonborn standing on one anothers shoulders, and an armspan thick. With enough space within for a city. They spent the next winter huddling in temporary shelters and tents within the confines of their wall, when spring came they waited out the floods, and then began patiently carving away the riverside creating a levy that would keep the floods from reaching their town, and allow them to safely build docks. Once this was finished they erected their first permanent structure, a great temple dedicated to the dragon gods at the very center of town. Expanding from there, building primarily with stone, their town grew until after almost fifty years it stood complete. A monument to what faith and courage could accomplish the town also began to draw trade from merchants travelling both up and down the rivers.

A Time of Growth:
With their numbers slowly growing in the safety of their new town clan Croi`Tsolais turned their attention outward once more to find the region they had built their home in had changed. Still wild and untamed, the region had nevertheless become more settled, with many communities established throughout the area. With the advent of trade with outsiders clan Croi`Tsolais saw their first influx of settlers, slowly but surely the outcast and down-trodden made their way to Abhain an Tsolais, and were welcomed by the dragonborn. over the course of the next several decades the Clan-Master, the Guardian, and the High Priestess, found themselves leading a diverse, and growing community. Knowing that the community was growing beyond their ability to lead on their own the leaders of the clan established a council that would be headed by the dragonborn nobles, but would allow representatives from among the populace to govern beside them.

Under the leadership of the council the town prospered, becoming a beacon of freedom and acceptance to all goodly folk. Establishing trade with the nearby communities, and forming pacts of mutual defense, the town continued to grow. When King Bruenor Battlehammer marched at the head of his army to retake Mithril Hall the town gave what aid they could, earning the respect of the dwarves. When Alustriel Silverhand lead a council to form alliances between the communities of the region Abhain an Tsolais was among the first to join. When Obould Many-Arrows lead the largest horde of orcs seen in the known history of the region Abhain an Tsolais stood firm against the green tide, keeping them from threatening communities further south or east. When the Treaty of Garumn’s Gorge was signed and the kingdom of Many-Arrows established under the newly crowned King Obould’s rule Abhain an Tsolais was the only community to offer aid to the fledgling kingdom, allowing them to establish the first trade agreement with the orcs. So it was that under the wise leadership of their council Abhain an Tsolais flourished, growing into a thriving community.

Abhain an Tsolais

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