A Light in the Dark

The Fall of Kullamon the Black

and the disappearance of a king.

Having made their report to Clan-Master Dosashi the heroes took their leave of him, departing from the Council Hall. As they left Eldaryn seperated from them, claiming he had a personal matter to attend to. Parting ways with their friend the rest of the party made their way to the Guard Barracks to speak with Guard captain Aragoth Fullic. They entered the barracks to find the usual state of organized chaos with Captain Aragoth at the eye of the storm. As soon as they entered Aragoth gestured them over to his desk, where he had laid out a map of the region. In a quick concise manner the captain laid out his plan for the party.

His scouts had kept him informed of the movements of Kullamon the Black and his primarily goblinoid warband, marking his path from the North-West towards Abhain an Tsolais. At his current rate of speed it was estimated that he would arrive in approximately two and a half days. Meanwhile King Bruenor Battlehammer’s forces were making their way East from Mithril Hall and should arrive in about a day and a half to bolster the town’s defenses. King Obould Many-Arrows was sending a force South under the command of one of his finest generals, an orc named Varcas Spear-Shaker, who would be arriving in two days time. Varcas’ forces were expected to make first contact with the enemy, harrying them South towards the towns East Gate where Aragoth would sally forth at the head of the town’s own fighting force, bolstered by the best warriors of clan Croi`Tsolais. They were daring to venture forth because the dwarves of Mithril Hall would be shoring up the remaining defenders with their legendary skills in case of a secondary assault from another direction. Meanwhile Kullamon’s forces, driven by the combined efforts of the orcs and townsfolk would be driven East into the waiting arrows of the elves of the Moon Wood. Pinned between three deadly forces, it was hoped Kullamon would flee South towards his master’s only known stronghold which lay on the other side of the River Rauvin. The only safe ford close to the battlefield was just West of High Hold. On the other side of the ford is a tall ridge of stone with only a narrow path cutting upward from the river. It was intended for the heroes to await Kullamon at the top of the path where they could easily trap and defeat him.

Having laid out his plan Aragoth bid the party depart in the morning, allowing them the rest of the day to prepare, and warned them to keep a sharp eye to the South out of concern that their may be a second force being sent to bolster Kullamon’s meager warband. He then sent them on their way, after informing them that the seer Sorchia, who lived on the edge of town, wished to speak with them. Having most of the evening ahead of them still the party decided to stop by Sorchia’s before seeing to their other preparations. They arrived at Sorchia’s hut to find her awaiting them, looking haggard and weary, but alert. Not wishing to waste energy she got straight to the point, offering them an enchanted crystal capable of scrying distant points that they could use to communicate with her. The only drawback to the object was its odd tendency to show distant events unbidden by the user. After handing the crystal over she returned to her work attempting to spy out any additional enemy forces that may be taking advantage of the distraction created by Kullamon the Black.

Having finished their business with Sorchia the party decided to head to their favorite hangout, the Broken Bow, to enjoy a few drinks and some camaraderie before calling it a night. Their quiet companion Jinhadur promised to meet them their after he had stopped by his home. So it was that Kuyutha, Ciani, and Sparkles arrived at the tavern run by Sparkles’ father Nicket to find it somewhat busier than normal. Sitting down at their favorite table they began quickly began sharing drinks and enjoying a meal. They were distracted from their meal however by a most unusual sight as a Kurth`Hanour (People of the Wind) walked into the bar. The Kurth`Hanour (commonly referred to as Thunder Monkeys by other races because of their resemblance to man-sized howler monkeys and the natural ability to literally belch thunder) was dressed as a warrior, his red feathered wings carefully folded against his back as he approached the bar and ordered a grog. Overcome with curiosity Ciani offered the strange creature a drink, accepting graciously the powerfully muscled stranger introduced himself as Runedar of the Bloody-Spear clan, Captain of the Avalanche Riders mercenary company. He and his company had arrived in town seeking employment, having heard of the recent troubles. He was to meet with Guard Captain Aragoth to discuss their contract in the morning. After brief pleasantries Runedar took returned to the bar to drink alone, passing Jinhadur as he did so. Jinhadur took a moment to marvel at the rare sight of one of these noble warrior peoples away from their native mountain homes before making his way to the table shared by his companions. With some urgency he relayed the news that their drow friend Eldaryn may be in some sort of trouble. He had been told a rumor about a drow causing some ruckus at the Balanced Scales, the upscale inn on the wealthy side of town, and was concerned that Eldaryn may have been somehow involved. After a brief discussion the tow dragonborn, Kuyutha, and Jinhadur, set out to see if Captain Aragoth knew more. Their friends Ciani, and Sparkles, chose to trust in Eldaryn’s ability to handle himself and remained behind to drink.

Arriving back at the barracks the two companions found Aragoth receptive to their questions. He informed them that several witnesses had seen a drow with a nearly uncanny resemblance to Eldaryn dressed in long black robes walk into the Balanced Scales where he spoke to the bartender in an unknown language, presumably drow. Angered by the bartenders inability to understand him the drow shattered the bar with a blast of eldritch energy before throwing the enraged Uthgardt warrior, Raloth Ulfgarsson, across the room with nothing more than a gesture. He had then departed the inn, losing the following guardsman in the seedier side of town. He was last seen heading towards Sorchia’s hut.

Concerned for the safety of the seer the two companions quickly agreed upon a plan of action. While Kuyutha returned to the Broken Bow to collect their wayward companions, JJinhadur would rush to Sorchia’s to insure her safety. However Kuyutha was dismayed to find that his comrades had become thoroughly inebriated during his absence. Ciani was still moderately functional, but Sparkles was barely coherent. Indeed in a misguided attempt to cast a spell her magic went wild, dramatically altering Kuyutha’s appearance. He found that his scales had been turned lavender, and he had small, sparkling, pink flowers sprouting from his nostrils. Barely containing his rage he grabbed Ciani and led her swiftly through the streets, leaving Sparkles in her fathers care. As they ran through the streets Ciani managed to activate the scrying crystal given to her by Sorchia earlier in the evening, revealing that Sorchia’s hut was in flames. In the name of haste Kuyutha threw the inebriated Ciani overhis shoulder and ran the rest of the way to Sorchia’s. As they arrived they observed two things, the first was Jinhadur blasting his way out of Sorchia’s hut with the unconscious seer carried in his arms, the other was a mysterious robed figure rounding the corner a half block away. Dropping his burden Kuyutha rushed around the corner in pursuit of the mysterious figure, unfortonately colliding with his friend Eldaryn who was rushing in the opposite direction. After making a snide comment about the damage to his wardrobe Eldaryn rose to his feet and explained that he was seeking the mysterious drow whom he believed to be his long missing brother. After returning to the others Eldaryn was startled by the sight of the beautiful young seer. Using the magic of his song he healed Sorchia, rousing her to consciousness. Startled to be receiving aid from what she initially took to be her attacker, Sorchia swiftly realized that Eldaryn was not the same drow that had struck her down. After Kuyutha rescued Sorchia’s personal effects from the hut, and Sorchia doused the flames with her magic, everyone calmed down enough to compare notes.

Eldaryn started by explaining that he had an elder brother named Sithis Mel`Faus that he had never known. According to his family’s stories this brother had gone mad, turning his back on Lolth and pledging himself to an ancient, alien power from beyond the edge of the multiverse. The family had banished him, wanting nothing to do with his strange dealings, and he had dissapeared into the Underdark never to be seen again. During his time sailing the Sword Coast Eldaryn had hear rumors of a drow travelling towards the Silver Marches that matched his missing brothers description. Wishing to know the truth he had traveled East pursuing this mysterious drow, but had lost his trail shortly before arriving in Abhain an Tsolais. Sorchia was then able to add some information, stating that the drow had burst into her hut demanding she scry out the location of an ancient artifact known as the eye of Kalroula. This artifact was said to be all that remained of a powerful creature that had nearly conquered the multiverse in the name of its alien masters before being cast down and destroyed by the gods. This artifact was said to contain great power, but most disturbing was the rumor that it could be used to ressurect the dread beast to which it had once belonged. When she had proven unable to locate the object the drow had grown enraged, striking her a blow to the head with his staff. The next thing she knew was when she had awoken to find the companions standing over her. After discussing the matter for a time the companions decided that their was little they could do about the mad drow at this juncture. Eldaryn, seeming quite taken with the seer, offered to escort Sorchia to her father Alistair’s tower as the companions went their seperate ways to find respite through the night.

Awakening in the morning to find that Sparkles had a raging hangover, and Kuyutha had fully recovered from the effects of her misfired magic, the adventurers began their preparations for departure. After gathering at the East Gate they found that the enchanted horseshoes given to them by Alistair no longer held any power. Undismayed they ventured forth, finding their journey to be uneventful. Upon arriving at their destination they scanned the southern horizon for signs of enemy forces, but sighted nothing of interest. They then used the scrying crystal to make contact with Sorchia, updating her on their progress, and learning that despite the dwarves from Mithril Hall being slightly delayed by an encounter with a small group of giants all was going according to plan. They then surveyed the area laying out a simple, but effective, plan for their ambush. Following this they set camp under the cover of a small copse of trees and bedded down for the night, taking turns at guard so that all would be well rested. During the midnight hour their peace was disrupted by a large, possibly draconic, creature flying overhead. The creature passed by swiftly, seeming to be traveling North. After determining that they were not under attack the party returned to their rest, thinking to determine more in the morning. However when morning came they found themselves concerned with other things as they discovered that Sparkles had slipped away with her pony some time during the night.

Concerned for the safety of their impulsive little friend, the party turned the powers of the scrying crystal to finding Sparkles. They were startled, and dismayed, to find her sitting in a clearing calmly conversing with a large green dragon. Initially concerned that they were about to witness the death of their friend the companions slowly realized that Sparkles had seemed to have charmed the dragon with her endless cheer and playfully inquisitive nature. Indeed the dragon was cheerfully chatting away with the little gnome about a variety of topics, and happily answering her questions about dragonkind. Reassured that Sparkles actually seemed to be in good hands, or claws as the case may be, the party decided to turn the power of the scrying stone South seeking to reassure themselves that no additional forces were approaching. After scanning the horizon, they chose to push the view presented by the stone further, reaching the edge of the High Forrest. Their they found the astonishing sight of a gathering of numerous green dragons of all ages, seemingly presided over by an ancient dragon so massive that he dwarfed even the eldest of his kin. Concerned by the signs that the dragons were preparing for battle the party watched further until they realized that these powerful creatures attention seemed focused not North as they feared, but rather to the South. Pushing their view further South to the very heart of the High Forrest they found a massive gathering of dragons, from young to ancient, of every color metallics freely mixing with chromatics, only the greens seemed to be absent from the meeting. Indeed it seemed as if the other dragons were impatiently awaiting their absent kin before beginning whatever it is they had gathered for.

After discussing the matter for a time the companions came to the conclusion that whatever dealings these dragons were involved in, it was beyond their understanding. So they once again turned the crystals gaze North hoping to observe the battle. They were soon reassured to note that the towns defenses were bolstered by the presence of the dwarves of Mithril Hall. As they watched from afar Kullamon the Black’s ragtag band was pushed onto the plains before the East Gate by the disciplined push of the orcish shield wall. As they reeled back Kullamon’s band was struck a blow from the West, the forces of Abhain an Tsolais sallied forth. Led by Aragoth they formed a wedge formation that smashed Kullamon’s forces against the orcish anvil. Morale swiftly flagging Kullamon’s force staggered East, driven by the combined might of their foes, directly into a rain of arrows from the elves of the Moon Wood. His forces swiftly being decimated by the skillfully executed assault, Kullamon abandoned the field. Carried by his ettin bodyguard the warchief fled South towards the ford, and the heroes’ ambush.

Unfortonately the orc, carried by his giant companion, was fleeing directly towards the clearing where Sparkles was speaking with a strangely friendly green dragon. Concerned the party once more turned the stone’s gaze to their absent friend to find that the dragon had already noted the approach of fleeing giant. Settling Sparkles in a secure location the dragon faded into the tree line. Moments later the giant burst into the clearing, gasping for breath it lowered its burden to the grass before settling into an argument between its two heads. Meanwhile the powerfully built black skinned orc warlord began searching through his pack, as if trying to retrieve something important. Their brief respite was interrupted as the green dragon erupted from the tree line, bowling over the ettin and making short work of it. Even as his giant companion was being slain Kullamon fled the clearing, wanting no part of a battle with a dragon. Meanwhile the dragon, having dispatched its foe, resumed its conversation with Sparkles as if nothing had happened.

Fleeing ever South Kullamon made his way to the ford, where after crossing with some difficulty he began to climb the path up the ridge. Nearing the top he found himself suddenly confronted by a pair of powerfully built dragonborn warriors Kullamon fought valiantly, but was overmatched. After a brief, but bloody struggle, the orc collapsed to the ground his leg severed at the knee. casting aside his axes as he fell. Kullamon apparently acknowledging his own defeat thrust his hand into his pouch yanking for an amulet set with a smoothly polished black stone. Calling upon his fellow lieutenant Croi`Tsolais Ulfain, Kullamon begged for aid, only to be rebuffed by mocking laughter emenating from the stone. A smooth, vilely charming voice informed the fallen warchief that he had been nothing but a pawn before breaking off communication. Mortified, and unwilling to be taken alive by his foes, Kullamon ripped his own dagger across his throat with a cry of rage. However the swift thinking, and swifter action of Kuyutha stopped the orc from bleeding out, allowing the party to take him prisoner. As they gathered his gear together Ciani lifted the amulet from the grass only to be greeted once again by the voice that they assumed to be Ulfain. Making light of the orcs death, the distant oathbreaker was startled when Ciani taunted him with the fact that they had taken Kullamon alive. Ulfain angrily insisted that the orc would be of no use to them before breaking off contact.

The party then began to scan towards the North with their crystal, finding that Sparkles was casually riding her pony back towards them, and that their was no sign of the dragon with whom she had been speaking. They then turned their attention back to Abhain an Tsolais to find the docks had apparently suffered an attack, and the dwarves of Mithril Hall seemed strangely demoralized. Deciding that they needed to exchange information, they sought to make contact with Sorchia. Finding her awaiting word from them they quickly updated her on their progress. Sorchia then gave them the grave news that while the docks were under attack by a blue dragon, King Bruenor and his companions had somehow vanished. The battlerager Pwent was apparently beside himself with concern. Disturbed by this news the party broke off contact to begin their journey home with their newest prisoner. They soon encuontered Sparkles who was in an even more effusive mood than usual, having been delighted by her conversation with the dragon. She informed them that the dragon had let slip the fact that he was bearing a message to Drakosh, informing him that aid he sought was to be refused him due to his choice in allies. Uncertain of the meaning of this message the heroes began their journey home.


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