A Light in the Dark

Alliance with Mithril Hall

and legends in the flesh.

Having finished their business with Captain Aragoth the party left him to his work, going to council hall to respond to a summons by Clan-Master Dosashi. Upon their arrival they found the Clan-Master working in his office, and were greeted cordially. He took time to praise their efforts, and then settled down to business. He had called on them because he, and many of the other council members, were concerned that Kullamon the Black’s impending assault on their town was nothing more than a feint. They believed that Drakosh and his surviving lieutenants may be planning a greater assault from another direction while Kullamon draws the attention of the town’s defenders. To ensure the safety of the town it was felt that it was time to call upon old alliances. Handing the party a scroll he asked that they journey to Mithril Hall with the magical assistance of Alistair Torlan to speed them on their way. It was hoped by the council that King Bruenor would lend Abhain an Tsolais the aid of his forces. Wishing the party well on their journey, Dosashi bid them make haste before returning to his work.

Bidding Dosashi fairwell the party made their way to Alistair’s tower, and were greeted by an open door. Entering carefully they were shocked to find themselves not in the familiar surroundings of Alistair’s tower, but a vast extradimensional space. A place of pure light confronted them, the monotony of the white broken only by an enormous mirror the size of a giant. As they watched the mirror rippled, disgorging Alistair himself who, with a dismissive wave of his hand, returned them all to the more mundane surroundings of his tower. He then furnished them with enchanted horseshoes that would speed their journey. He then gifted them with an enchanted cornucopia that supposedly would disgorge endless numbers of beasts upon use of the command word, however he displayed his usual twisted sense of humor in informing them that he no longer had the command word. He then sent them on their way, not enjoying the company of others overmuch.

After making certain they had everything they might need for their journey the party applied the enchanted shoes to their mounts hooves and departed. They were both surprised and delighted to find themselves traveling not only at unimaginable velocity, but through the very air itself. Flying above any danger, they were able to relax and enjoy a journey that should have taken days, but instead only took a few hours. Arriving at Keepers Dale, they soon recalled the tale of how the hidden door was to be breached. They made entry only to find themselves confronted by a platoon of battle-ready dwarves. Seeing that the intruders were no threat the leader of the dwarves spoke with them briefly, leading them to his king once their purpose was ascertained.

Arriving in the grand throne room of Mithril Hall, the party was confronted with the legendary King Brueonor Battlehammer himself. Attending him was his general, a surly dwarf named Dagnabbit, his bodyguard and friend the infamous battlerager known as Thibbledorf Pwent, and a drow that could only be Drizzt Do`Urden. They presented the king with the scroll given them by Clan-Master Dosashi, entertained by the antics of Pwent as he read. King Bruenor was swift to promise his aid, indeed the heroes were shocked to find that the king seemed intent on journeying to their towns aid himself. As the king began barking orders and making preparations they found themselves being escorted to a smith named Bluster, whom they had been referred to by Alistair, by none other than Drizzt. Speaking little they found themselves arriving at their destination all too soon, and after ensuring that Bluster had matters well in hand Drizzt departed.

Bluster quickly took them in hand, and instructing them to turn over their armor and weapons of choice, began to work. Using ancient dwarven techniques, and forgotten arts Bluster enchanted the heroes equipment, ensuring that they would be better prepared for the trials to come. After thanking them for the opportunity to practice his art Bluster sent them on their way to the Hall of Kings.

Arriving in the Hall of Kings the party found a large force of dwarven warriors nearly prepared to march. In addition they were shocked, and a bit concerned, to see Pwent with his renowned Gutbuster Brigade working themselves into a frenzy. As they stood watching the dwarves preparations they were stunned to find themselves confronted with the famed Companions of the Hall. After taking a moment to regard one another King Bruenor broke the silence, suggesting that the party journey on ahead to inform the town of their impending aid. Agreeing with this plan the party began preparing to depart, only to find themselves interrupted by a frantic, if a tad confused, dwarf named Dinnet McGruff. Claiming to be the nephew of the merchant Torval McGruff he asked to accompany them back to Abhain an Tsolais. Seeing no harm in it they allowed the strange little dwarf to tag along.

Returning as swiftly as they had departed the heroes quickly made their way to Clan-Master Dosashi to inform them of the success of their mission. They found the Clan-Master in a jolly mood, as he informed them that they would also be receiving aid from the elves of the Moon Wood, and that King Obould Many-Arrows had agreed to send a force south to help contain the threat to the regions peace. He then informed them of a plan to trap Kullamon, forcing him to flee South to his master, and asked that they lie in wait for the renegade orc along the path they knew he must travel. Despite some misgivings the party tentatively agreed to this plan, and taking their leave of the Clan-Master, began preparing.


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